Don’t Let Sewer Root Intrusion Cost You

Have roots infiltrated your sewer lines, storm pipes or septic system?
Tired of sewage backups due to roots and paying to have them removed over and over again?

RootX is the Proven and Cost Effective Solution

Root intrusion left untreated can restrict flow, cause complete blockage and can eventually destroy a sewer or septic system as roots spread throughout the system, costing you thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

RootX is the simple, cost-effective and proven foaming root control solution, it kills and prevents roots in residential sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems and will not harm pipe and septic systems or above-ground vegetation.

Kill Roots – Get Pipes Flowing
The patented RootX formula foams on contact with water to reach the top of the pipe where 90% of the roots are (areas where Copper Sulfate & similar chemicals can’t reach). Degreasing agents strip away grime so the RootX herbicide can penetrate roots, killing them on contact. RootX sticks to the pipe walls, preventing re-growth for up to 12 months. Dead roots in pipe decay over time, restoring pipes to their full capacity.

Please note: If you are experiencing a partial or full blockage due to roots, then mechanical root-cutting is recommended before the first application of RootX. Also RootX cannot repair broken pipes or remove any non-root type of blockage.

Mechanical root cutting is an immediate and short-term solution to relieving pipeline blockages caused by root intrusion. However, cutting roots is like pruning a tree, it stimulates even more vigorous and destructive root growth in the remaining roots. That means new root growth can fully clog your pipe again in just nine months.

It’s important to apply RootX within the first hour after cutting or wait six to eight weeks. That’s because roots release a traumatic acid to cover the cut ends and protect them against further injury. If you apply RootX immediately after cutting, the herbicide can penetrate the root ends before the traumatic acid coating is complete. After six to eight weeks the traumatic acid will have dissipated, leaving the most vulnerable part of the root – the white tender meristem growth where cells are actively dividing exposed to the herbicide. The more root tissue you can treat with RootX the better.

Once you’ve put your pipelines on a maintenance program with annual RootX treatments, you should be able to eliminate mechanical root cutting in most cases.

Time-line pictures of how RootX works in sewer pipe



After 3

After 6

About RootX

RootX introduced and patented as a root control formula in 1994. RootX was engineered to limit the exposure issues and environmental impacts that other root control formulas were producing, and to remove pipeline roots without affecting the treatment systems at the wastewater treatment plant downstream. RootX was also engineered for fast, simple and cost-effective applications that don’t require extensive training or expensive equipment.

For over 20 years, RootX has been a simple, effective and proven solution for pipeline root control.

Yearly application of RootX can help you avoid costly repairs.

Minimal Impact

RootX uses the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It is non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and, unlike other products, does not contain diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium.

RootX will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation. RootX has minimal environmental impact and is registered with Canadian PCP act reg # 25435, and is classified as a General Use Product. In addition, RootX carries the lowest chemical hazard rating.

2 lb Jar: $82 + tax 4 lb Jar: $145 + tax
Funnel Applicator: $5 + tax


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