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LEARN MORE ABOUT: Lawn Aeration Benefits

Aeration is a quick and inexpensive way to improve your lawn’s condition. Best time to do it is Spring or early Summer. It is done using a machine called an Aerator.

Aerator is a machine that has numerous tines on the bottom designed to punch into your lawn and remove a small tube of dirt that we call a plug. The holes that remain in your lawn are called cores. By removing the cores from your lawn air, water and fertilizer can penetrate deep into the soil to better reach the root system of your lawn. In essence aeration will maximize the value of everything else you do to your lawn over the entire summer if you are someone who either enjoys considerable time in your yard or if you invest in fertilizer and water in your lawn over the season then aeration will help you achieve maximum value to everything you put in your lawn.

Aeration does not need to be done every year unless you have an older lawn that is struggling. A brand new lawn will not need to be aerated for the first few years. A lawn that is 5 years old or older should be aerated every two years. In comparison golf courses aerate their greens several times each year and most aerate their fairways at least a couple of times each season. Their investment in lawn care products is far more significant than most homeowners as Golf Courses have recognized the value of aeration in maximizing effectiveness of their significant expenses of fertilizer and water.

Considering the minimal cost of aeration most homeowners will see the cost of aeration returned to them easily over the season particularly if it is a dry summer where every drop of water whether natural or from sprinkler needs to be maximized.

Aerator will leave hundreds of cores behind. The cores removed from your lawn should typically be large enough to insert your pinky finger in 1.5 to 2 inches deep. The plugs that are left behind on your lawn will break down within a week or two and should be left on the lawn.

The best time for a residential owner to perform aeration in Manitoba is in the spring or early summer, never in the fall as the primary purpose of doing aeration as mentioned earlier is to get air, water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil deeper. The most stressful time of the year for your lawn is the heat of summer in July and August, when temperatures rise and water often become scarce. The lawn is softest or least compact in the spring. Thus, aeration performed in the spring will achieve the best results.

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